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To diet, or not to diet


“To diet, or not to diet, that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the stomach to suffer
The sweets and drinks of outrageous meal
Or to raise your fork and hit a slice of pork belly…
(…apologies to the Bard of Avon)

Oh C.M.!


You’re sweet
You’re strong
You lift me up
You make my heart beat fast
You gave me sleepless nights

They say you’re no good for me
I then tried hard to avoid you
…against my will

I succeeded
But just briefly

For one day, that familiar fragrance
Shattered what’s left of my conviction
Never to submit again to your spell

So down I went to the coffeehouse where I first met you
I was excited oh C.M.
To have my soul
Enslaved again by your fullness
Twisted by your sweetness

There in the coffeehouse I told the server
“C.M. please!”
“And what’s that sir?” She asked.
“Caramel macchiato!!!” I replied.

Grading Grades

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