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Venomous pain the Algea injected

In anguish and torment my soul screamed

“Journey to dreamland” Hypnos muttered

“Drown misery in my lake of dreams”


But Dionysus countered “Visit my vines

Feast upon my sweet magical grape

Submerge anguish in the lake of wine

Dream not in languor but while awake”


Aphrodite said “I’ll bring  Helen

She can kiss your anxieties away

Frolic with her in Dionysus’ haven

While I hold Menelaus at bay”


When Thanatos arrived he whispered

“Down there anxieties have no domain

Hold tight my hands waiting is Hades

Let death vanquish distress and pain”


Rhea came last took my hand and smiled

Her turret crown beamed comfort and ease

On her laps I cuddled like a child

Then she told me  “Pain’s but a myth”


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